Self-driving car rental for foreigners in Ho Chi Minh city

Self-driving car rental for foreigners in Ho Chi Minh city

Today, foreign tourists come to Vietnam very much prefer the self-driving car rental service. The following issues will help customers feel more secure when driving in Vietnam:

Self-driving car rental contract:

Typically, self-driving car rental contracts companies are written by Vietnamese. Therefore, before renting a car, customers can request a car rental contract in English or prepare bilingual Vietnamese – English.

Customers should carefully read the terms of the car rental agreement. These terms guarantee the rights of car rental customers is essential. At the same time, the issue of responsibility of the car rental is also very important.

Here are a few basic terms of Asean Master’s self-driving car rental contract:

Self-driving car rental contract

Self-driving car rental contract

Check the vehicle carefully

Check outside the car

Look for scratches, scratches, dents on the side of the car, wheels, mirrors, lights … Also need to look under the car, and the machine. Should take photos and record, to have a basis for control when returning the car.

When checking the car, you should see the spare tire and accessories such as tools, jack … These are important tools when unfortunately sprayed tire in the middle of the road.

Check the interior of the car

After reviewing the exterior, booting up and checking the drive, speaker system, horn, air conditioner, sensors …

Next, check the surface of all seats, carpets, ceiling tiles. The tenant should not ignore other interior parts such as the dashboard, door handle inside the car, electrical glass system …

Finally, check the meter (if any), the number of kilometers left, the remaining fuel in the tank.

If any part of the interior is damaged, torn, or broken, you should also ask the lessor to write in the minutes or the car rental contract.

Check vehicle papers

The vehicle must have all necessary and valid papers.

• Vehicle registration certificate
• Registry
• Civil liability insurance
• Road fees

In case of missing or expired vehicle documents, it is best not to rent. Or because of the situation that it is impossible not to hire, it is certain that the responsibilities must be clearly stated: if the traffic police blow a fine, the lessor must bear the costs incurred, for not providing enough papers, or having but expired.

Test drive of vehicles:

If during the test, you see big problems, such as not eating the brakes, the horn is not sounding, the air conditioner is broken (in the summer) … then you must notify the rental car immediately. If necessary, must change another car.

After the vehicle test and test run are fine, all faults, scratches are recorded in the record.

Problems when foreigners drive in Vietnam

An international driver license is required and can be used in Vietnam.
Understand Vietnam’s road traffic laws.
If there is a problem or collision on the road, you should notify the lessor to have a timely solution.

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