Self-drive car rental

Procedures for self-driver car rental of Asean Master in Ho Chi Minh City

– Family-register. (Original document)

– ID card / Passport of the person signing the contract and the driver’s license.

– Deposit  one motorbike valued at VND 20,000,000 and original registration certificate (can mortgage VND 20,000,000 in cash). The rent will be paid before the vehicle is received. You will receive your deposit, car, household registration, and other mortgage documents after you have paid the fees incurred (if any).

– A valid Vietnamese Driver’s license (or International Driver’s license translated in English).

– Time specified one day (24 hours) from 9:00 pm the previous day to 9:00 pm the next day.

1. Sign car rental contract

After agreeing on the procedures for renting a car as required and the price of renting a car. Car rental staff will fill the car rental procedures with customers first (to check the information, address, the person who signed the lease).

* Note: Car rental is paid upon signing the contract.

2. Procedures for receiving vehicles

– After signing the contract, you will have to bring: self-driver car rental contract, ID card with the name of the contract, family-register, 01 motorbike with original registration certificate to receive the car at the parking lot or demand delivered to the house (with surcharges). Staff will keep: Household registration, motorbike with original registration certificate.

– When receiving the car, the staff will verify the vehicle’s status, fuel level … before handing over the car to you. Both 02 will sign the handover minutes.

3. Procedures for returning vehicles

– As a rule, you have to pay your car on time (overtime will have to pay more money, usually about 100,000 VND / hour). When returning the car, both 02 will compare the status of the car with the original, fuel level …

– Asean Master does not charge car wash surcharges and unlimited miles for customers.

4. Full protection insurance

– Any and every car you book on: aseanmaster.vn (that you’re offered full protection insurance on).

– Some car rental company counter staff may say that the insurance doesn’t work on their cars. But you can be confident that you are insured when you buy full protection insurance.

– You will have an insurance certificate to prove it.


About driver

– If you are not a direct driver, you need to register correctly about any additional driver before they are allowed to drive the hired vehicle. Otherwise, you will not be covered by insurance fee. We usually allow only one driver ( or yourself) and one additional driver.

About insurance cost

– To safe, we advised security deposit amount for all self-drive car rental since there is possibility of damage by yourself in the course of driving. Generally, the security deposit $1000. Deposit will be fully refunded immediately upon return of the car damage-free.

About booking car

– To avoid disappointment on your plan trip, we recommend booking 3 days in advance if your plan falls on a weekend (Sat – Sun) and booking 1 months in advance if your plan falls on Holidays (Tet Holiday…). We regret that if we did not receive any confirmation from you. We will release the availability of the date to other people enquiries (if any).