Rent Kia Seltos with driver service at Ho Chi Minh city

Asean Master would like to provide the price list for rent Kia Seltos a below. Please refer to the trip for your upcoming.

Asean Master offers the model 2022 car rental. Nowadays, vehicles are crowded customers that selected and trusted specially for families by the beautiful. The design is very spacious and comfortable to accompany you on the trip interesting.

Kia Seltos is known as  popular MPV size with a reasonable price, just over 1 billion. Kia vehicles are always attractive to customers by the convenience, beautiful design and spacious, is a worth vehicle to compete with others in the market.

.Rent Kia Sedona Now

  • Cancellation policy: No charge for cancellation before a day, deposit in advance will be off 5% and free for a local sim card of cell phone
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