Car rental Kia Sedona service with driver

Car rental Kia Sedona service with driver

Car rental Kia Sedona with driver service at Ho Chi Minh city

To serve to all your needs, Asean Master offers you the latest car rental Kia Sedona  2021 model. As a reputable car rental company, Asean Master always offers a perfect service quality along with the best service prices on the market today.
Asean Master rent a car Kia Sedona model 2021. Nowadays, Kia Sedona vehicles are crowded customers that selected and trusted specially for families by the beautiful. The design is very spacious and comfortable to accompany you on the trip interesting.

Kia Sedona is known as the Carnival and popular MPV size with a reasonable price, just over 1 billion. KIA vehicles are always attractive to customers by the convenience, beautiful design and spacious, is a worth vehicle to compete with others in the market.

Exterior features of design Kia Sedona

Kia Sedona is the shape of the MPV vehicle but impressed by the crossed metal rods and diamond dots floating in the grille not only so strange car equipment compare to other cars, fog lights form highlights. The front of the car is more pit by the light but still does not lose sight of the inherent nitrogen of the car.

The car has a length of 5115 mm, a width of 1985 mm and a height of 1755 mm. The straight line running along the car body down the backlight makes the car carrying the simple design it is no less delicate. The second and the third row seats will be horizontal, the front and rear doors will be open automatically. Especially, this vehicle has led lights and auto-adjusting rearview mirror.
Sedona’s rear-lights incorporate full LED technology, including black side brakes, in addition to the backlight and Halogen.

Interior feature of Kia Sedona vehicle

Kia Sedona vehicle interior design is very spacious. This is a big plus for this car that are designed in the form of first leading two seats, the last three seats. The advantage is that people sitting in row 3 will enter their position that the second row does not need folding. Behind the car is a large space, 3 seats foldable if there are many things to carry because it is designed in the structure of the ladder.

Kia Sedona car rental

Kia Sedona car rental

The air condition system is also very novel when it is controlled by a table located in the right direction. The air condition can be adjusted automatically as you like. Air condition is always divided among people sitting in different positions. In addition, the chair is equipped with USB, curtains, electrical outlet is very convenient when going long distance. Leather seats on the car are also very comfortable, spacious foot rests and adjustable reclining chair or higher up to you.

Comfort for driver and neighbor

In addition to the advantages of this car is also equipped with essential safety engines. A rear view mirror and the rearview mirror central is equipped with electronic anti – glare device.

The was fitted with a device called a luxury car which was a driver’s seat and a passenger seat. Two way automatic, two way air condition system for the front occupants and second person air condition units. Travelling in cooler areas, this equipment is very useful for customers.
The vehicle rear passenger can adjust the roof with two separate sunroofs and the driver can automatically shut down the window.

Asean Master – Car rental Kia Sedona with driver service at Ho Chi Minh city

Asean Master would like to provide the price list for car rental Kia Sedona below, please refer to the trip for your upcoming.
Unit: VND

Vehicle life2021
Urban price (100Km/8h)2,000,000
Longdistance price (200km/ngày)13,000
Monthly rental (2.600 km)38,000,000


  • Kia Sedona rental price is for reference and total all km, the price list includes fuel costs, driver’s license car insurance.
  • Price does not include the cost of driving, not including VAT.

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