Kia Carnival 2022 car rental

Kia Carnival 2022 car rental

Kia Carnival 2022 car rental

Welcome customer!

We are pleased to accompany our customers on every journey in Vietnam. ASEAN Master Co., Ltd. would like to introduce to customers and companies: “New Kia Carnival 2022 car rental service.”

As you know, Kia Carnival 2022 car rental line is currently the most professional and high-class car for transportation and transportation. For businesses, the car is the face of a company. For each customer, the car represents a spiritual value. Therefore, choosing the right car for you is important.

Our company understands the importance of that. So we extend Kia Carnival 2022 car rental service with good price and premium quality. ASEAN Master will invest 100% of new cars for long-term Kia Carnival car rental contracts. Our flagship vehicles are the Kia Carnival Premium 2.2D 8 seaters and the Kia Carnival Signature 2.2D 7 seaters.


We would like to briefly introduce the interior and exterior of the Kia Carnival 2022:

About the exterior:

Kia Carnival 2022 brings a completely new look in terms of luxurious design, combining the dynamism and power typical of an SUV.

Outstanding spacious car size, large chassis, and solid chassis structure.



High-tech lighting fixtures and details extend horizontally to accentuate the width with a sense of grandeur and balance.

There are more car paint colors for customers to choose from.

About the furniture:

According to Thaco’s strategy, to bring comfort to the occupants, it has maximized the space inside the car.

Four electric seats, combined with heating and cooling modes, create a comfortable feeling like sitting on a massage chair.



Designed specifically for children, can be easily disassembled.

Disassembling and rotating the second row of seats 180 degrees is the most prominent thing when in the car it is still possible to exchange and work effectively in groups.

On the control panel, it is not about the new and modern technological functions.

The above are the advantages for customers to book Kia Carnival car rental today. Please contact us via Hotline 0979878700 or book car rental directly to receive incentives.


Price list for long-term Kia Carnival 2022 rental with driver:

ContentsKia Carnival Premium 2.2DKia Carnival Signature 2.2D
Rental price (26 days/month)50.000.000 VND/month52.000.000 VND/month
Over km (>2600km/month)8.000 VND/km8.000 VND/km
Overtime (>10 hours/day)80.000 VND/hour80.000 VND/hour
Overnight (after 00:00 am)500.000 VND500.000 VND
Sunday (100 km, 10 hours)2.000.000 VND2.000.000 VND
Holidays (100 km, 10 hours)3.000.000 VND3.000.000 VND


Price list for long-term Kia Carnival 2022 without a driver:

ContentsKia Carnival Premium 2.2DKia Carnival Signature 2.2D
Rental price (30 days/month)34.000.000 VND/month40.000.000 VND/month
Over km (>3000km/month)4.000 VND/km4.000 VND/km


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