Benefits when businesses rent a car for month in Ho Chi Minh City.

Benefits when businesses rent a car for month in Ho Chi Minh City.

When the businesses rent a car for month, what do it need to know?

When the businesses are still wondering between rent a car for month or buying a car. Asean Master will offer operational disadvantages between two forms for the businesses to compare.

  • If buying a car, a large investment cost affects the business capital of the business.
  • Traffic overload (traffic jams, parking, tide, flooding …).
  • Monthly maintenance and repair costs, automobile circulation fees (estimated at between 20 and 50 million / year).
  • Accompanying drivers is labor policies, human management, vehicle management, gasoline …
    When traffic accidents occur, businesses will have to spend time, personnel and costs to fix.
rent a car for month

rent a car for month

Advantages when rent a car for month

When the businesses rent a car for month, all the above problems will be solved.

When renting car like that, the businesses will receive an invoice and declare it at the deduction cost each month.

Example: When the busineses rent Toyota – 7 seats for new model. Costs include driver salaries and fuel for a month, ranging from 24 million to 28 million. Vehicles used daily for the provincial work, pick up or dropp off expert at the airport. Customers are assured of drivers. No need to worry about the driver’s job leaving.

When any incident occurs, the charge of the car rental service company stands out and resolves.

For the purchase of vehicles, the value of cars decreases year by year, machine wear increases. The businesses can spend up to about 30 million per month (including initial operation, depreciation and capital costs).

When renting a car, the businesses can hire a variety of vehicles on request or change a new car after the contract is completed. Monthly car rental is becoming the choice of many businesses. When you need to use the car, you can contact anytime with Asean Master. We will offer rental terms that include the cost of payment, which will probably be much more convenient.

In summary, renting a car will be much more economical. Therefore, the majority of domestic and foreign companies tend to use rent cars services of reputable organizations in Vietnam.

Contact Asean Master! We are committed, customers will get quality and safe car rental service.

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